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Foster Home Program
"Because Every Child Deserves A Home"
Gardner-Simmons Home for Girls, Inc. Foster Home Program is a nonprofit organization licensed by the State of Mississippi . Our mission is to provide a stable, nurturing environment for abused children. This mission is fulfilled as we recruit, train and license foster families to provide homes for these children.

Foster Parents

Foster Parents may look like every other family, but they are so much
more than that. Foster Parents are heroes to foster children and the community. Each Gardner-Simmons foster parent is equipped with training and support to complete the mission of improving the lives of foster children.
Foster Children
Gardner-Simmons foster children are boys and girls between the ages of 0-18, who because of abuse and neglect are unable to live with their biological family.
Foster children are children in need of loving families that will help them heal and grow into productive citizens.
Foster children are children with goals, dreams, gifts, and talents that need love and encouragement to realize their potential.
Becoming a Foster Parent
The first step is calling our office. When you call, our staff will spend time answering questions and concerns. We believe everyone can help, but not everyone is meant to be a foster parent. Call the office and we will set up a personal interview.

Foster Parent Support

Gardner-Simmons is committed to supporting foster parents with love, training, care, and compassion. Foster
parenting can be challenging so we work extra hard to support our parents. Our staff works closely with the foster parents through the entire licensure process and throughout each placement.
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